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Removal of the Attestation of documents fees for tea exported to Pakistan

Removal of the Attestation of documents fees for tea exported to Pakistan

The Kenyan Government on last Friday Highly praised the removal of the attestation of documents fees for tea exported to Pakistan. This has been something that the Government and East Africa Tea Traders Association (EATTA) has lobbied for removal for so many years and will be a big boost to the tea exporters and the Kenyan tea fraternity in general.

This was confirmed by the Trade Principal Secretary Amb.  Johnson Weru. He explained that the volume of trade between Kenya and Pakistan has shown a steady growth of more than 100 per cent rising from Sh 31.1 billion (USD 283 million in 2008 to Sh 77.5 billion (USD 705 million) in 2020.

Kenya’s tea export to Pakistan, he added has been growing over the years and in 2011 Pakistan imported tea worth Sh 23.6 billion (USD 215.50) million from Kenya while last year Pakistan’s tea import from Kenya amounted to Sh 48 billion (USD 480.82 million), depicting a 123 per cent increase for the last 10 years.

Amb. Weru further said that both governments are committed to closely working together towards the signing of the pending MOUs regarding the agricultural products including the Mangoes and Citrus fruits importation from Pakistan as well as the review of the proposed MOU to export avocado and nuts to Pakistan. He noted that with such statistics showing Pakistan as an important economic partner of Kenya and falls within the category of Kenya’s top ten major trading partners, there is therefore need to address the Sanitary and Phytosanitary issues affecting other products being traded between the two countries.

More areas of Trade collaboration between the two countries were also suggested such as leather and Textiles, Health and Pharmaceuticals and tourism

The PS was looking forward to see that removal of the attestation fees goes forth to increasing the earning of the tea farmers from their produce

The events that was graced by H.E Ms. Saqlain Syedah Pakistan High Commissioner who said that her government waiving attestation fee was prompted by the need to have a sound relationship with Kenya.  “Kenya is one of key trading partners. We export a lot of rice and other products to Kenya. We realize the need to have a level trading relationship where each player benefits,” said Ms. Syedah.

The removal of the attestation fee on Kenya tea, the high commissioner explained is part of her government strategy to eliminate non-tariff barriers to products like fertilizer and machinery being exported to the south east country.

“We look forward to having a positive trade engagement with Kenya. Equally, the waiver of the fee is expected to open doors for more products to the Pakistan market,” Syedar added.

In a speech read on her behalf by Wekesa Khisa the Deputy Director at Tea Board, the CEO said the 0.25 per cent attestation process fee to high commission that has been eliminated had been a big challenge. What this means is that tea farmers will earn more than Sh 100 million from the waiver annually, he explained .East Africa Tea Traders Association (EATTA) Chairman Charles Kibandi said that the waiver of the attestation fee  will go a long way in improving efficiencies within the value chain.