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About Us

The Agricultural Industry Network (AIN) is an association that brings together Business Member Organizations (BMOs) that represents 5 million farmers, actors and players in the agricultural sector countrywide. It was formed by Agricultural Sector Member Organizations primarily to promote public private dialogue and advocacy on sector policies and regulations affecting the agricultural business investment environment. The Network represents key players along the entire agriculture value chain including producers, processors, traders, employees, co-operatives and consumers. AIN advocates for strong and effective public-private partnership with a Vison to be the voice of the agricultural industry investors in Kenya

Edward Mudibo
Chairman - AIN

AIN represents the voice and consensus position of key players in the agriculture industry. AIN has received recognition by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Senate Committee for Agriculture, Parliamentary Committee for Agriculture and cooperatives and Council of Governors. AIN is a member of the Technical Intergovernmental Committee in respect to Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation, which is housed under the Office of the Deputy President.

Why us

AIN Will share information, mobilise expertise and create capacity to:
  1. Identify opportunity to improve regulations in the agricultural sector
  2. Support members efforts in advocacy by:
  • Creating linkages to the Government of Kenya
  • Improving access to media
  • Creating alliances where possible, to support members Positions.
During Digital Tools training organised by AIN at KICD

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Our Services

Policy Advocacy

Advocacy on legislative and policy issues affecting the Agricultural Sector

Membership Services

Provinding support through lobbing the Government on respective sector matters

Direct Technical Assistance

Assistance programs that are highly effective in helping small holder farmers improve their agronomics skills and access to markets