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The Anuga FoodTec is the leading global trade fair in the food and beverage industry covering all aspects of food production. At the trade fair, the latest innovations within this industry was showcased. The key segments that was featured are food packaging, food processing, safety and analytics, automation, digitalization, environment and energy, science and pioneering and intralogistics. With over 1,600 exhibitors and over 50,000 visitors from more than 150 countries, this will be the world’s largest supplier fair and the most important meeting place for the industry. It was held in Cologne from April 26th to 29th 2022 and AIN representative attended the event.
The food processing segment was looking at providing systems that are efficient, reliable, flexible, intelligent, while of course meeting the required hygiene standard. Within filling and packaging, the digital transformation offers big opportunities that improve supply chain management, create optimized throughput times, minimize error rates and ensure absolute product safety with the highest precision. The Anuga FoodTec also demonstrates how the digital transformation of SMEs and multinationals can be designed through for example IoT, 3D printing for individual products, ERP systems for controlling business processes, virtual reality as a computer-generated reality with images, IT safety for the protection of the entire production plant, artificial intelligence and big data for the processing and evaluation of huge volumes of data. The automation segment aims to provide a higher degree of efficiency, flexibility and economic efficiency through innovative automation systems such as flexible robots and intelligent image processing systems. Intralogistics looks at providing intelligent, flexible and scalable solutions required for the optimization of internal material flows right from procurement, through to production and then dispatch. Within the safety and analytics segment , the latest concepts and processes for food safety will be demonstrated. Within environment and energy, the Anuga Food Tec provides comprehensive, industry specific and needs based information on energy efficiency and environmental protection measures. Within Science and Pioneering, the Anuga FoodTec provides ideas, specialized knowledge, prognoses and innovations about implementable applications that will change the food industry tomorrow.