Agricultural Industry Network is an umbrella body association that brings together Business Member Organizations (BMOs) that represents 5 million farmers, actors and players in the agricultural sector countrywide. It was formed by Agricultural Sector Member Organizations primarily to promote public private dialogue and advocacy on sector policies and regulations affecting the agricultural business investment environment. The Network represents key players along the entire agriculture value chain including producers, processors, traders, employees, co-operatives and consumers. AIN advocates for strong and effective public-private partnership. It represents the voice and consensus position of key players in the agriculture industry. We are located in Githinji Building ,adjacent to Makini Herbal clinic ,Ngara

agricultural industry network
agricultural industry network

What Does AIN Do?

AIN will share information,mobilise expertise and create capacity to:

  1. identify opportunities to improve regulations in the agricultural sector
  2. support members’ efforts in advocacy, by:
  • creating linkages to the Government of Kenya
  • improving access to media
  • creating alliances where possible, to support members’ positions.

  • AIN services MANDATE
  • AIN mandate OUR SERVICES

Our Mission Statement

To represent the Agricultural Sector BMOs and along the entire value chain in advocating for enabling investment climate through Private-Public dialogue and advocacy on policies, legislative and regulatory issues affecting the sector in Kenya and in the region, as a resourceful partner of government.

Our Mandate

To foster public private dialogue. Support member organizations to engage in Public Private Dialogue and advocate for favourable policy environment for the industry actors and players

AIN Services

  • Policy Advocacy
  • Membership Services – Information, Advisory Services and Consulting
  • Direct Technical Assistance
  • Capacity Building and Mentorship Programmes
  • Industry insights and Analysis


  • Offer support to Business Member Organizations (BMOs) to initiate or engage in Private-Public dialogue and advocacy on policy and legislative issues affecting the agricultural sector in order to improve the agricultural investment climate. This is achieved through consultations, negotiations, newsletters and journals, and advocacy meetings, conferences, workshops, and seminars with members, policy makers and industry regulators.
  • Offer a collaboration platform for BMOs to exchange ideas, good practice and lessons learnt
  • Represent, consult or negotiate with BMOs to build mutual understanding and consensus position on cross-cutting policy, legislative, and regulatory issues that impact agricultural sector investment climate, productivity and growth
  • Represent, negotiate and render advocacy dialogue and consultations on policy and legislative issues that impact the agricultural sector investment climate, productivity and growth
  • Organize business promotion and networking opportunities for BMOs to establish and extend both local and foreign markets agri-business linkages, and expand their operational space
  • Collaborate and enter into Memorandum of Understanding and partnerships with BMOs, private sector, Non-Governmental Organizations, National and County Governments
  • Interpret and sensitize BMOs on regional and international treaties, obligations or commitments signed by government
  • Organize or advocate for capacity building of BMOs to improve competitiveness in the local and external business arena
  • Monitor local and external business environment to identify and support advocacy and capacity building priority areas to support business development
  • Interpret regional and international treaties and sensitize BMOs on implications and obligations of national, regional and international treaties entered by government.
  • Engage in the promotion of agribusiness, credit, trade and market opportunities for the benefit of the members
  • Organize and advocate for capacity building of BMOs to improve competitiveness in the local and external business arena and improve their governance, financial base
  • Monitor local and external business environment to support advocacy agenda and capacity building on priority areas to support business development
  • Establish or create collaboration linkages between BMOs, agricultural sector companies, local and international colleges, universities, libraries and research institutions
  • Conduct periodic consultations negotiations with policy makers for favourable investment environment for industry actors
  • Conduct research on cross cutting issues affecting the agricultural sector to support advocacy agendas and business improvement
  • Arrange and participate in meetings, workshops, trainings, seminars, conferences
  • Promote and participate in execution of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in respect to infrastructure, agriculture, education, health and environmental protection.




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